» What is Divinxi?

Divinxi does to websites what Ford did for the motor car. After years of development we have created a revolutionary new way to produce premium quality websites in a fraction of the time it usually takes. Each site is still hand designed by professional designers but by being on the cloud, you only pay a small fee to use the website rather than pay for the build cost. Now your business can get online fast, look brilliant and save thousands each year.

Unlike automated templates or 'do it yourself' web builders, Divinxi cloud websites are super search engine friendly and come with a beautifully simple CMS (content management system) so you can easily add and update text, photos, video, pdf documents and more on the site yourself. You also get a SEO editor, slideshow billboard effects and much more.

Purchasing a Divinxi website means you know exactly what you are getting and don't have to know anything about web programming. You also don't have to sit through jargon filled meetings with computer geeks. All you do is browse the design gallery for a cloud website that you like and purchase it. Then you enter your text and images and we take care of the rest!

» Can I add unlimited pages?

Yes. You can add unlimited sub-pages under most of the main pages depending on the design you choose via the Divinxi CMS (content management system). You cannot however, add to the amount of main pages that appear in the main navigation such as Home, About, Services, Products, Gallery, News, and Contact.

» Can I change the website's colors?

Color schemes are 'factory set' so to speak and we are adding to them continually over time. Color changes and minor tweaks are easily done by us and are inexpensive compared to a custom website build.

Just let us know which website designs you are looking at and the color/s you would like and we will come back to you with the cost (if any). If you have time, it is always helpful to include in your enquiry any website links to websites that have the colours you like - then we can match them as close as possible rather than guess from the thousands available :)

» What do I get with a Divinxi website?

With a Divinxi website you get pretty much everything you will ever need to dominate online. The best part is you can turn most of it on or off when you're ready so your site can be small and simple or large with all the bells and whistles. Here's what you get:

  • A complete professionally designed website ready to go
  • Wow factor looks designed to impress
  • Seven main pages with unlimited sub-pages under most main pages
  • Easy CMS to update page titles, text, images, video, and documents yourself
  • Easy SEO editor to DIY or hire a pro
  • SEO architecture 'under the hood' to help your website get found
  • Easy integration with Google Analytics for visitor stats
  • Easy integration to your Twiiter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn pages
  • Optimised to perform across PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and more
  • E-news sign-up module with email address collection
  • Simple CRM to store email enquiries from the website
  • Anti-spam contact form to deter spam robots
  • Premium web hosting with unlimited bandwidth, 1GB space, 20 email accounts
  • Use your own domain name for maximum branding and SEO
  • 24/7 email support, FAQs, and video help guides

» Can I add my logo to a Divinxi website?

Yes. You can add your logo to your Divinxi website provided it is prepared to the specifications stated in the CMS (Content Management System) of your Divinxi website. Logos vary greatly and can be all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours and while some people have the skills to manipulate their own logo for use on websites and printed marketing items, many others don't have the time or desire to do this and hire a graphic designer. There are also people who don't have or want a logo. Divinxi websites have been designed to cope with these variables and offer 3 easy ways to help:

a) No logo? Just supply your business name and we will type it in and place it 'just right' in your Divinxi website. Note: only fonts that match the website will be used. A small fee applies.

b) Know someone with a copy of photoshop or have a graphic designer handy? Then simply follow the logo specifications in the CMS of your Divinxi website to create a version of your logo that you can upload via the CMS.

c) Send us a customisation request to add your logo for you along with any other things you might want changed and we will send you a quote to make the customisations.

» What about domain names? Do I use my own?

Yes. In fact you need to have a domain name before you purchase a Divinxi website. This way you can maximise your SEO and branding rather than be hidden under a sub-domain which hides you from search engines.

» Can I change the page titles of the web pages?

Yes. Changing the titles of the website pages is easily done via the Divinxi CMS. The Home page title cannot be changed and depending on which website you choose, some other pages may also have a fixed title if they perform specific functions such as the News and Contact pages. Check the features of the specific website you are interested in to see what's included.

» Can I add Youtube videos to a Divinxi website?

Yes. Many pages and sub-pages on Divinxi websites come ready to link to videos you have uploaded to your YouTube page. You can also put in the link to your Youtube page and the Youtube icon will automatically appear on your Divinxi website. Visitors can then click the Youtube icon and be taken to your Youtube page.

The same applies for Twitter, Facebook and linkedIn... just add the link to your page on Facebook for example and the Facebook icon will appear on your Divinxi website. Cool huh! 

» Can I add links to my Facebook and Twitter pages?

Yes. Adding links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages is easy via the Divinxi CMS. Once you add the links, the relevant logo will appear automatically on your Divinxi website ready for clicking by your visitors. If you remove the links, the logos will also be removed.

» How long does it take before my Divinxi website is online?

Divinxi websites can be ready to go in hours however, you will most likely want to enter your text, images, video etc before launching it which means the site can be online within 24 hours depending on how fast you enter your content. The only other factor is how long it takes for the DNS records to be updated and website propagation to occur. The what and the what? I hear you think… fans of geek speak read on!

The DNS records refer to the process of telling your domain name that it is to now point to your new Divinxi website. It's just like updating your home address record at the post office if you move to another home, except in this case we call it the DNS Record (Domain Name Server record) and rather than the post office, the new domain address details need to be copied across the earth's internet servers. DNS record updating on average takes a few hours locally however it can take anywhere from two to forty-eight hours internationally depending on the updating schedules of the various ISP's (internet service providers) around the world.

Website propagation refers to the process of your website files being recorded or 'indexed' by search engines such as Google across all of the hosting servers around the world. This can take a few hours to a few months depending on SEO related issues such as the age and rank of your domain name, the quality of the text and content you add to the site, the level of optimisation you apply to the website's meta tags, the quality of any back-links to your domain name etc.

» What is the process for buying a site and entering content?

Divinxi websites are designed for you to upload your text and images and launch the site when ready. Here is the process in full:

  1. Browse and choose your preferred website from the design gallery.
  2. Purchase when ready and supply your domain name (your www website address).
  3. We update your DNS records for free (fancy way of saying we tell your domain name where your new Divinxi website lives - like telling the post office you have moved to a new house). It takes from a few hours to a couple of days for this update to 'propagate' (fancy way of saying the change in address needs to be copied across the world's web servers.
  4. Once complete, we send you the login details so you can enter your content (text and images) via our simple to use CMS (Content Management System).
  5. When you have finished uploading your content simply hit the Launch Website link and we will activate the site for you. Allow us up to 24 hours to activate the site (usually done within hours).
  6. The site is then live and online. You can log in any time and make real-time updates to your text and images via the CMS.

» Can I enter my text, images, video and pdf documents myself?

Yes. After purchasing your new Divinxi website, we will send you your login details so you can login and enter your content yourself. Divinxi is designed to be intuitive and extremely easy to use. There is also plenty of help if you need it.

» Who updates the DNS Records that came with my domain name?

The DNS Records refer to your domain name needing to be told where your new Divinxi website is being hosted. Someone needs to physically update this record so your domain name can link to your new Divinxi website. Once you have purchased your Divinxi website, we'll send you the DNS information you need. You then have 3 options:

a) Let us do it for you for free! We just need the domain name you wish to use, the website address of your domain name company and the login details to your account with them (it's a good idea change the login details to your domain account after we have updated the DNS for security reasons).

b) In some cases you can do it yourself through the admin of your domain name company account. Be aware though that inputting an incorrect DNS record will delay your website appearing online.

c) Simply ask the company you bought your domain name from to 'Update the DNS Records' and give them the information we send you.

» Are Divinxi websites custom designed sites or are they templates?

Divinxi websites are the best of both worlds. Divinxi sites have been engineered from the ground up to incorporate the hottest visual design trends, SEO and latest programming methods. So just like a custom website each Divinxi site has first been hand-designed. We then apply the 'economy of scale' advantages of templates to bring the costs way down by making the same designs available to everyone. Each site is then customised by the purchaser with their own photos, content, page titles, number of pages, SEO etc.

Here are the top differences between Divinxi and templates:

  1. Unlike traditional templates, Divinxi is not a complicated website builder that requires training and infinite patience to operate and maintain. With Divinxi, the site is completely built in advance so all you do is update the content. Therefore the learning curve is vastly improved and there is virtually zero chance of 'breaking' the site and requiring expensive assistance as with the complicated website builder systems.
  2. Many template systems use a centralised system of libraries and functions that need to be constantly patched and updated. If your website was built with an old version of the template software or your hosting company has an old version on the server then your site is vulnerable to attack and failure. Divinxi websites are completely autonomous and do not rely upon a centralised system. Furthermore, the core CMS of Divinxi is separate to the content so the CMS can be easily updated without affecting the content or the website in any way.
  3. Many template systems require their websites to be hosted under a sub-domain process such as www.template.com/yourwebsite. This has no value for SEO and also places all of the templates vulnerable to a single attack or failure. Divinxi websites allow you to use your own unique domain name and your Divinxi website is given its own hosting space.
  4. Traditional templates look boring because they are designed to DIY (do it yourself) and therefore will always look amateur. Divinxi websites are pre-designed by professional designers with years of experience in knowing what works online.

» Can I control the SEO myself? What if I want to hire a pro to do it?

You can do both. Divinxi websites come with an innovative and simple to use SEO editor that allows you or your professional SEO person to change the meta tags (page titles, keywords and descriptions).

» Do Divinxi websites come with Hosting? How much does it cost?

Yes. Web Hosting costs are $240 per year ($20 per month) which includes CMS use and 24/7 email support. Divinxi websites are hosted on premium platforms in some of the world's best server centres. We do this to ensure fast performance and high security. Hosting includes 1GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth per month plus 20 email accounts. Hosting is fully scalable so if you need more, it can grow with you (extra costs apply).

» Do my photos need to be cropped and sized before uploading?

Some Divinxi websites come with a large billboard image/photo which needs to be cropped and sized correctly to fit the space allotted for it. All other photos in Divinxi websites are automatically resized to fit the space they are allotted. However, we cannot anticipate and allow for every photo format and have therefore based the automatic size reduction on the standard 6 x 4 ratio of today's digital cameras.

If your photos are odd sizes and formats e.g. panorama photos or skinny and long, then although they will automatically be resized to fit the website, they will appear inconsistent when displayed on your Divinxi website. For best results, have your photos resized and cropped to the standard 6 x 4 ratio by a graphic designer e.g. 600 pixels X 400 pixels is ideal.

There are many free websites that allow you to resize and crop your images if you do not need to hire a graphic designer or you can do it yourself with programs like Photoshop and Corel Draw.

» Can a Divinxi website collect email addresses of my visitors?

Yes. Once you enable the built-in Enews module, visitors to your site can enter their email address details into your E-news sign-up form that shows up on your contact page. Email addresses given by visitors are stored in the mailing list database of your Divinxi site and can be exported for use in your favourite email marketing program.

» Where can I source text and photos for my Divinxi website?

Most small business owners simply write their own text and use their own photos. If you want professional text and photos then search online using the keywords 'professional copywriter' for your text and 'photo stock library' to source your photos or hire a professional photographer.

» What is the 'Slideshow Billboard' in some Divinxi websites?

Many Divinxi websites feature a beautiful large billboard image space and just like the billboards on the sides of buildings or highways, these can be simple photos or they can be wow-factor advertising style billboards. Either way, someone needs to create the billboard and make them the right size for uploading to your Dinvinxi website. Here are your options:

a) DIY (Do It Yourself) by sizing and cropping the photo or advertising style billboard to the size specified in your Divinxi website. If you Google 'image crop' or 'image resize online' you will see plenty of free websites that let you do this online. The ideal program to use if you plan to be manipulating images is Adobe Photoshop because it also lets you 'Save For Web' so that the file size of the image does not exceed the specified amount of MB (Megabytes) or KB (Kilobytes) stated in the CMS of your Divinxi website.

b) Ask your graphic designer to do it for you. If they are creating your advertising style billboard then simply request it at the size specified in the CMS of your Divinxi website and instruct them to 'Save For Web' at the smallest file size they can.

c) Send us a customisation request via the CMS of your Divinxi website and we will provide a quote to size and crop your billboards for you. Please note we do not offer advertising billboard creation and design services.

» Can I add a link to my social network pages like Facebook?

Yes. Every Divinxi website is intelligently programmed to allow you to enable a link to your Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn pages. You simply add the link via the CMS of your Divinxi website and the logo icon of the social site you added will appear on your Divinxi website ready to be clicked by your visitors. If you do not add a link then they don't show up, it's that easy.

» Do Divinxi websites come with text and photos included?

No. Every business is uniquely different and and therefore requires unique text and photos specific to their business. Think of it this way, a website is essentially a digital bookshelf that comes ready for you to place your own items on. We provide the bookshelf, you add your content.

» Do Divinxi websites come with an Enews sign-up facility?

Yes. Every Divinxi website comes with an Enews module and mailing list database function that you can enable or disable easily through the CMS. If you enable it then it shows up at the bottom of Contact page. If you disable it, it does not appear.

» How do I access the mailing list? Can I download it?

Simply click the Access Mailing List tab in the main menu of your Divinxi website CMS. You can download it by clicking the Export Mailing List link in the CMS.

» Can I 'try before I buy' any of the Divinxi websites?

No, Divinxi websites are not offered on a 'try before you buy' basis. Please check the details of the website you are interested in via its details page, the FAQ page or send us an email to ensure that Divinxi websites can cater for any specific requirements you might have. We also offer customization services at cost effective rates.

» What is the SEO architecture and metatag editor?

Every Divinxi website has been built with our revolutionary SEO architecture that evolves alongside the latest SEO (search engine optimisation) technology to help search engines like Google find your website once it is online. To further enhance your Divinxi website we have included a SEO editor which allows you to update the meta tags (page titles, keywords and descriptions). There are plenty of articles and blogs online about meta tags and SEO so just 'Google it' if you are unsure what meta tags you should use or consult a SEO expert.

SEO (search engine optimisation) encompasses the design, programming, structure and content of your website while SEM (search engine marketing) refers to post-launch acitivities such as improving content, gaining backlinks and other online marketing initiatives.

» Why is there a separate cost for Web Hosting?

To purchase a Divinxi website is a one-time fee however a small fee to cover web hosting, CMS use and support is required annually. We separate the prices so you can see exactly what you are paying for.

» Where are Divinxi websites hosted?

We have server centres around the globe so we can host websites local to our customers for better search engine optimization. For example, USA customers are hosted in Los Angeles and Australian customers are hosted in Melbourne and Sydney.

» Can I use my own Hosting?

No. All Divinxi websites need to be hosted by Divinxi due to the need to be connected to the Divinxi CMS and to ensure rapid support with the highest levels of security and reliability.

» What about Email?

Your Divinxi hosting account includes 20 email accounts.

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